Supporters Page

Here is a list of Kickstarter supporters that have helped Climb Design develop new products. A big thank you for your support and vision:


WeighMyRack, not only for pledging support but excellent help and advice reviewing our campaign. Gear junkies check out their site.

Thais and John,  star backers! Thank you

Matt Preston, thank you

Anneke Harrison, thank you

Stephen Lumb, thank you

Rick, thank you

Gary Robinson, thank you

Paul Wilkinson, thank you

Anevay Outdoor Stoves, check out these little warmers.

Alison, thank you. Backed twice, well three times including Rack Sack. How lucky are we?

Han Miller, thank you

Jamie, thank you

Jose Vega Preciado, thank you

Jorand Le Pape, Thank you


Rack Sack:

Pilates International Melbourne. Our first supporter! Get your climbing core strength here.

Aaron Lowndes. Thank-you

Sholto Turner. Thanks for all the advice on the campaign

Alison Dennis. Thanks for the great feedback that helped me refine the campaign. Check her excellent work on WeighMyRack, a site where you can see and compare all brands of climbing gear side by side. A beautifully accessible data set!

Cathy Parry. Conflict of interest? Cathy is the excellent maker from Industrial Sewing Workshop who will make Rack Sack. She has pledged support and also supported the development of Rack Sack with advice and carefully solving fabrication of the prototypes.

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