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Climb Design products. Designed & made in Australia. Click the link or image to jump to the online store to purchase, all prices in Australian dollars. Climb Design products are hosted at usethings online store, the home of our furniture & homeware designs: selling useful things online since 2004.



The Big Zipper rope protector; 1m long (3’3″) light, simple, easy to use and carry. comes with attachment cord and small carabiner. Made in Australia.

Big Zipper AU$29



LittleHammer hook-end view loadedLittleHammer, the spring-loaded impact nut tool now available:

LittleHammer 1.2 AU$94

See the LittleHammer video here

bosuns chair belay seatBosuns Chair / belay seat: super light yet comfy for those long aid climbing / big wall climbing belays.
Details and purchase: fully rigged AU$46,  seat only AU$35



2 thoughts on “Products / online store

  1. How about some 8-9 step ladder aiders with spreader bar at top for long-armed folks who want to simply step sideways rather than up to the next placement. Saves energy, increases usefulness, perhaps adds some bulk. I want these selfishly because I have an achilles injury that makes constant high stepping difficult.


    1. Hi John

      I’ve got a ladder prototype that features an innovative spreader bar but I’m afraid it’s way down the list of products going to be launched: I’ve got to get access to a bar-tack machine to make that kind of stuff efficiently. In the mean time check out the ladders at Aspiring in NZ, I think you’ll find exactly what you want They are a great company — did the resligning of my cams with excellent service.


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