LittleHammer farewell tour…

I’ve always been talking about doing a small production run of LittleHammer spring loaded impact nut tool and have had enquiries over the years since production ceased. Recently I had two in one day which finally got me into action. There where some impact weights and springs left over from the last model so commissioned water-jet cutting of the body/handle from a harder stainless steel than I used in the first few batches, it’s a much stiffer material but significantly more expensive. From this batch there are only 15 left and it is unlikely I’ll be doing another production run.
Due to the high tensile stainless steel the price is AU$112 each, only one per order. Shipping international is AU$25 and within Australia $10. LittleHammer is the heaviest and most expensive nut tool but superior performance. Contact me if you are interested and I’ll reserve one.

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