The Big Canopy Campout

I was fortunate to receive a single portaledge frame from John ‍Middendorf at I’d attempted to make a couple of DIY portaledges in the past but they where heavy and complex, I did have a few nights out in them which was fun but not for a serious climb. John’s D4 system of hi-tech tubes and awesome joiner is great design — a culmination of engineering and design skills plus serious big wall experience. Check out the D4 range if you’re after the best.

My frame turned up a couple of weeks before the Big Canopy Campout which is a global tree (forest and lockdown living room) camping event. Each year it supports a forest conservation initiative, this year it is the Bob Brown Foundation in particular its work in the Tarkine. A lucky group where camping there for the weekend but I just went to my local Sate Park Leannangook (Mt Alexander) and set up my new ledge in a beautiful Candelbark tree to join campers world wide.

I made the mat for the portaledge, it’s kind of a project John is supporting DIY makers like myself with plans and advice here: The mat was a bit of a rush to get ready for the weekend and badly sewn by me but it worked well, though I was securely tied in for the night as usual in a portaledge — I was having thoughts of splitting through the mat and trying to escape my sleeping bag in the middle of the night!

A fun night out, a good test of my new portaledge with 4 point suspension and great to support conservation of the Tarkine.

DIY portaledge mat in the workshop
New portaledge first night out in a beautiful Candelbark tree
Happy camper

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