Figure 8 bunny ear knot in a sling

Another knot proposal, well another knot derivation. A chain of assumptions to test: Fig 8 works in a sling, therefore a fig 8 bunny ears should work. This creates a handy two point anchor and also could be used for joining slings of the same construction  — I wouldn’t be using it with mixed dynamo / nylon or different width slings. It must be tied with a very tidy figure 8, all strands parallel and laid up nice — no twists inside the knot.

Pro’s: easy to adjust the arm lengths to centre the master point in line with the load. Con’s: slow to tie, only one loop on the master point.

What are your opinions on this, is it safe? As far as I can see there is little potential for movement once the knot cinches under load so no friction heat to melt the sling. Sadly I don’t have a pull testing rig to trial it.


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