Prusik loop knot proposal

I’ve been thinking a lot about Prusik loops and how to make them less cumbersome to form the 3-wrap Prusik. Haven’t tried any of the new sewn ones, ideally a loop without a join would be cool — yet to solve how to weave the sheath though!

Came up with this knot that seems easier to handle in a 3-wrap Prusik, any thoughts? This knot is untested beyond a bounce test with my own weight. Posting it around just for discussion really.

It forms two loops with three fisherman’s type knots. One knot on each of the three strands that pass through the middle — each loop’s knot is on the opposite side of the central knot.

It is no good for auto-block / French Prusik but the parallel strands make laying in the 3-wrap Prusik easier, especially with gloves on.

Prusik knot proposal

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