LittleHammer update

Just sold the last LittleHammer V1.2. We do have some of the V1.0 left and selling for AU$50.

The performance is the same: spring tension, impact weight and travel. The main difference between the two is trigger tolerances. I got it a bit too fine in that first batch and so they require hand filing to set up, which I do before sending them, but it is a bit time consuming so not good production-wise. They also have a mat finish rather than the brushed one. Anyway email if you’d like one of these.

The next version of LittleHammer is a major redesign in new materials which will require prototyping. What’s holding it up is my limited Climb Deign time is taken up with the locking removable bolt plate for now, so it will be some months before I get to the new LittleHammer.



One thought on “LittleHammer update

  1. Please let me know when this will be available again. Very interested after seeing your touchstone zion video.



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