Drop Test 2

The infamous Australian Carrot Bolt

Did a live drop test on the new bolt plate prototypes on the weekend. Got some distortion but not as bad as the first drop test, even thought the weight was more.

Live person 85kg, 3 drops 800mm onto 2000mm of dynamic rope. I had a back up in-case of failure and was a bit timid on the first few drops. So the dynamic rope and spudgyness of the human along with a slight swing in the fall must have reduced the peak of the impact force.

So I’m pretty happy with the function of the lock and the form seems to be working under load. I’m yet to hear back from the test facility in my area but need to pull some to destruction to see where I need to add more material. I’ve got some mass to play with as the prototypes are 14g and the existing passive plates are 22 to 24g.

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