The Big Zipper rope protector


Our new easy to use rope protector

IMG_0528The Big Zipper is, well, a big zipper. The other rope protectors that close with velcro are tricky to use one handed — you open one end and the other end closes, the velcro sticks to your slings and they are kind of chunky to carry too. The curly plastic ones are pretty cool but are also difficult to deploy.

The Big Zipper closes and opens easily. You can zip it closed as you descend or zip it open as you jumar up.  It is a generous 1m (3’3″) long rope protector, which is a handy length for those long rounded granite edges.

You can set up several Big Zippers on your rope before you start abseiling. Slide them down with you then set one on the rope by attaching the cord french prusik style using the small carabiner, easy to do this one-handed while you maintain your brake-hand. Once Big Zipper is in position zip it closed as you descend. Repeat when you get to the next spot you’d like to protect your rope from.

Ascending the rope is easy with Big Zipper, once you jumar up to it simply zip it open until you get high enough to unclip it.

If it’s too tight a spot to use the whole meter, simply leave it open and fold the unused bit underneath.

The Big Zipper is made from a high strength self healing nylon zip and nylon webbing. It rolls or folds to pocket size. It’s not intended to be indestructible, more an affordable, light, easy to carry, and easy to use protector to increase the life of your rope. Big Zipper comes with attachment cord and small carabiner and is madly made in Australia.

The big zipper has no sticky or curling bits to wrangle. It’s simply a zip closing nylon webbing to take the bite out of rough surfaces or hard edges to prolong the life of your rope.



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