LittleHammer 1.2

We’ve just sold out of V1.1, this new batch has the same trigger and impact weight but we moved the whole track back 5mm to give just a little more reach and make firing easier for small hands.

The current stock of v1.2 and v1.1 will be the last of the 304 stainless steel LittleHammers. After this we’ll be switching to 7c stainless steel which will increase the price by around $50 but make LittleHammer stronger. Rock Hardware and Bogong also have some stock of the pre-7C versions.

LittleHamer 1.2

2 thoughts on “LittleHammer 1.2

    1. Hi Frank, unfortunately I don’t sell them anymore. After Kickstarter I did a couple of small production runs but interest died out. Though they work really well they where too heavy and expensive… two things climbers hate! I did have a few of the original batch that I sold off in the years since but the last went this year. Cheers Tim


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