New gear

Here’s what we’ve been up to:

LittleHammer HT
Yep, doesn’t look much different on the outside but it’s way stronger, this is a sample of LittleHammer 1.1 in 7C

After a long search we’ve found a high tensile stainless steel for LittleHammer. Its called 7C, and we found a machine-knife maker who can supply us.  7C’s tensile strength is 1600 mpa – over 3 times stiffer than our standard LittleHammer. We investigated titanium, chromoly, and duplex stainless steels but this is the one. It has to be water-jet cut and this will increase the price but we feel it’s worth offering  a high tensile version for uncompromising users. LittleHammer HT we’ll call it. Details on price and availability will be released soon. We will continue to offer standard LittleHammers alongside the HT version.

We are about to launch the first of our textile products, these are the labels. First up is a new rope protector that is easy to deploy one handed. Details will unfold here over the next few weeks.
textile labels

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