Trad is Rad T-shirt giveaway

I was rapt when my Trad is Rad shirt arrived from Omaha Screen Co — I love that graphic. Then I find I’d ordered the wrong size: a small! Must have pressed the wrong button and not read my receipt email… that’ll teach me to look at those things!

Trad is Rad shirtSo I contacted JJ at Omaha and asked if I could swap it. JJ replied “keep it” and that he’d send me a medium and another climbing shirt if I sent him a Climb Design belay seat. All good by me. He’s into climbing photography and needed something comfy for long hanging sessions. Our belay seat will do the trick: supper light and very comfy.

So the spare shirt? Well we’ll give it away with another competition: The small climber comp. Just send us a quick blurb on why it’s great to be a small climber. We hear enough about how the extra reach is handy for tall climbers, but there are plenty of times when being tall is a disadvantage.

So whether you are small by age or height, if you are a keen climber (especially trad) tell us what is great about being you for a chance to win the Trad is Rad T-shirt.

Use the form below to enter. Keep it under 100 words. The entry we like the best wins. We’ll publish some of the stories with your name but will not share or use your details for anything else. This competition is open world-wide and the shirt will be posted to the winner.

Entries close on the 10th of March and the winner will be announced on the 16th of March.

bosuns chair rigged
A belay seat that is not a pain in the…


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