Stuck gear epic — giveaway

Celebrating LittleHammer 1.1

It is exciting to take LittleHammer one step further with the launch of version 1.1.

To celebrate this mile-stone for Climb Design we are giving away one of the first run of LittleHammer 1.1.

It’s a competition: tell us the story of an epic you’ve had with stuck gear, either getting it out (what ingenious method) or the ensuing retreat, rescue, forced bivvy; or the lamentations for a favorite piece that you had to leave behind. The story we like the most wins.

To enter go to our competition page:

LittleHammer 1.1 features adjustments to the trigger mechanism to make assembly easier and a reshaped impact weight. Other changes include a brushed finish and a slight taper to thin down the hook end for micro nuts like RP’s.

Ever wonder what the little burr inside the hook is for? Check out our Instagram page to find out.

Or if you just can’t wait go straight to usethings online store and get the latest LittleHammer

LittleHammer1.1 etched

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