Test firing LittleHammer 1.0

Each LittleHammer 1.0 has had it’s trigger tuned during assembly and was test-fired 10 to 15 times. In that process a couple of times I noticed that test firing without something to absorb the energy can buckle the spacer. I didn’t make the connection at first as it seems counter-intuitive and I can’t quite explain this as firing into something solid should be a higher load.

So it’s best to fire LittleHammer 1.0  into something solid, or at least pinch-grip the hook end when you test-fire it to absorb some of the energy.

If your spacer is buckled it can effect the trigger and stop catching in the loaded position. Contact us here if you have a problem and we will guide you in tuning the trigger (see the bottom of this page) or arrange repair / replacement at our cost.

This problem has only occurred in a few units and has been designed out of the next production run (LittleHammer 1.1).

We are sorry for the inconvenience but thank our Kickstarter backers for being part of the development of LittleHammer: things like this can only be learned by going into production.

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