Kickstarter almost done

Posted the last of our Kickstarter backers LittleHammers today, so it’s pretty much done, just a couple of backers who haven’t responded with details yet, will keep chasing them.

So due to a miscount in the early days I’ll have a few of LittleHammer 1.0 to sell, will either do that through demos or online, stay tuned for details.

Kickstarter was a great experience. So good to get the support that allowed us to get LittleHammer this far. We learnt a lot!

LH last Kickstarter batch
Last Kickstarter batch of LittleHammers ready for packing.

Where to next? Well there is the backlog of orders from our other business… but climbing wise we have a couple of prototypes that are looking likely as new Climb Design products.

Oh and first a little holiday. We hope all Climb Designs friends have a great break: restful or climbing hard!

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