How to load and release LittleHammer

I’ve just revised the video of the load and release.

Finger position LittleHammer
Fore-finger release position: rest partially on stainless steel between impact weight sides for controlled release with little finger drag and reduced side force
LH hold
Curl fingers around handle and push with palm to get solid positioning on the nut. This overcomes recoil and the side-force of pressing to release with the fore-finger

LittleHammer guide 3

  1. Take hold of LittleHammer by the front half of the brass impact weight
  2. Hook onto something solid (pro, rock, or harness)
  3. Pull back on the impact weight rotating it slightly so it clicks into the trigger catch (in the palm-side edge of its track)
  4. Place LittleHammer against the underside of the nut very firmly (to counteract the recoil) — pushing with the palm against the end of the handle
  5. Use the index finger to press on one edge of the impact weight to release it. Control pressure by resting finger on the part of the handle that is between the impact weight sides.

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