LittleHammer evolution

LittleHammer evolutionFinally settled some details of the laser cut body for this first production run of LittleHammer. We got up to prototype number seven (at the bottom of the photo). It’s now good to go and the production order was made yesterday.

The refinements where needed after sorting out the spring spec. I’d increased the impact power (spring rate plus the travel to impact) and made adjustments to the trigger pivot, the curve of the back, and the reverse impact hook. Also refined the bottle opener which is now a small tooth on the inside of the front hook.

The laser cutting will be ready early next week then I can start the finishing, which is grinding a tiny bevel on the edge of the body for comfort and then rumbling it with an abrasive medium for an even surface, then laser etching the logo is the last step before assembly.

There is a little work to do on packaging and shipping while these other processes are underway but we are looking good for our Kickstarter fulfilment schedule.

box of 200 impact weights
200 LittleHammer brass impact weights

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