LittleHammer production update

It was exciting to see the work NS Engineering in Bendigo have done with the impact weight production yesterday. Actually got to watch some being machined in the multi-part jig they designed; this whole process is pretty clever. The impact weight assembly is the most complex part so I’m glad we started that early, the full 200 will be ready within a fortnight.

IW machining jig

Laser etchingIgnore the laser cut logo on this photo to the right, another idea I’ve rejected. This is a sample of the laser etching to carry our logo and product details which has turned out pretty well and is a durable marking on the stainless steel.

We’ve just got the 6th prototype: it has adjustments to the amount of pull-back to load, the trigger pivot, and a slightly narrower body. Still not quite happy with it’s action and will probably do one more next week. Once we settle on the design the laser cutting will only take a week.

So we are well underway, though finding it hard to make decisions about the finer aspects of LittleHammers operation, and every little change effects other things but this is honing the overall function, which is kind of complex for such a simple tool — we want it to be as easy to use and effective as possible for this first release.

At this stage we are looking good for our Kickstarter fulfilment schedule; will also get some of the spare units out to the media for review as soon as possible.

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