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Kickstarter success! LittleHammer is go

Thirty days has flown past and we have exceeded our Kickstarter funding goal with the help of our 129 backers: a big thank you for giving LittleHammer a chance. Here are some of the stats from the campaign:

  • 129 backers from all over the world, many first-time backers, climbers who heard about LittleHammer online and word of mouth (a big thanks to those who spread the word)
  • 159% funded, we reached 100% before halfway
  • 21,964 views of the campaign video, lots of positive comments about it so a big thanks to Stewart and Cath of People Pictures, also Emma our climbing star!
  • 12,658+ visitors to the campaign page (missed the first days data)
  • 16,081 campaign page views
  • 1,671 visits to

Add to this social media traffic from Facebook and Instagram, then the active forum threads in the US, UK, and Australia, along with some promotion on great climbing sites. LittleHammer struck a chord with climbers and created its own momentum.

Reaching our funding goal early gave us the confidence to start production, the impact weight is under way and we are testing the body and new springs; some small adjustments, then those orders will be placed next week. So looking good for our Kickstarter fulfilment schedule. Also hope to have media samples early to send out for review to the media who have supported our campaign.

So here we go — LittleHammer is coming into the world!

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