LittleHammer in Premiers Design Awards

LittleHammer hook-end view loadedLittleHammer is up for the 2015 Premieres Design Awards in the industrial and product design category. Fingers crossed for October when the results are announced.

The Premier’s Design Awards recognise and reward Victorian designers and businesses using exemplar design effectively and sustainably.

The LittleHammer campaign is going well at 117% funded  by our 101 backers, still with 10 days to go. This is the best opportunity to get a LittleHammer as we’ll be busy with production and fulfilment for our Kickstarter backers for a few months at least. After that we’ll look into regular production and distribution so it will be a while before we can sell them direct. Our time is metered out between LittleHammer and our other business usethings so we can’t move as fast as we’d like to.

Having reached our funding goal early has enabled production orders to be made which will help us get the reward LittleHammers sent out early, or give us more leeway if there are any problems.

We’ll get some samples out to media as soon as we can so you can get independent reviews, things should really start to take-off after that.

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