LittleHammer and stuck cams video

Had a great suggestion about using the reverse impact of LittleHammer to remove a stuck cam: it came from Dave over at via Instagram: he saw the video of removing a tomahawk with LittleHammer we’d posted there (video at the end of this post).

When a cam walks into a crack or is placed so it can’t move forward to release the lobes they become very difficult to remove. The video below shows a test using LittleHammer in this situation.

LittleHammer can only do one lobe at a time but the impact jumps each lobe backwards: you could do one at a time to work the cam out.  I Haven’t tried it in a real dead-end crack but will look out for one to give it a real test.

This will work with the bigger cams that have lobes with holes you can hook too, smaller cams you’d have to use the other method but LittleHammer could supply the impact. The other method being: attaching cord to the trigger and connecting that to a long sling so you can put a knee in to pull back on the trigger. You then use LittleHammer for a forward impact on the axel, the small movement of the impact with the trigger being pulled back can release the cam though it takes a bit of mucking around to get this to work. Without LittleHammer you can use a hex or stone as a backing implement.

We’ve had some great feedback on the Kickstarter campaign preview, still working through all that and hope to get it sorted along with a bit more editing on the video in a couple of days. It’s all taken longer than I thought but we’ll get there.


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