LittleHammer releasing an RP

 Releasing RP’s and other micro nuts is where LittleHammer excels. It’s because of the small surface available on the bottom of an RP that is not taken up b the wires. There is barely a ledge to make contact with if you’re trying to strike one out.

LittleHammer can be calmly loaded and placed in the right position then apply its full force at the right angle to release the nut. We all know how hard this is to do in an awkward stance or with your non-dominant hand hacking away trying to land a good hit with a passive nut tool.

Hand damage from using a passive nut tool
no more barked knuckles

The smallest RP’s are really designed for aid climbing as they are only rated around 2 to 3kN. And wow these guys can get well jammed after being fully weighted. For good progress by the second cleaning a pitch LittleHammer will help get all this kind of pro out faster with less stress.

The previous posts video shows seven impacts with a passive nut tool to release a weighted nut compared to one impact with LittleHammer. This is with a medium sized nut. The last test I ran on an RP I gave up at over twenty strikes: few of which hit the nut, and this was standing on the ground using my dominant hand.

This video also shows the one-hand loading. Simply hook LittleHammer on the rock, pro, or harness and pull back on the impact weight until it clicks into its trigger position. Hold LittleHammer firmly in position then trip the weight to release an impact.

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