3 thoughts on “LittleHammer

  1. Hey Tim,
    This looks really cool. I was working on an idea similar to this when I sold Trango and the new owners are sport climbers. They don’t get it.

    See if you can make it so that it is loaded simply by pushing into the nut. As you push harder and harder, eventually it trips a trigger then the hammer falls. That way you wouldn’t have to cock it before using it.



    1. Hi Malcolm
      Thanks for your comments, this is very encouraging given all the innovative gear developed at Trango.
      I’ve thought about the push-load I’ve seen in automatic centre punches, even adapting one to try out. I’ll talk to my patent guy; as the mechanism is out there, I wonder if you can get IP rights with a new application in climbing?


      1. Tim,
        I found that it is hard to get any patent protection on a new use for an old design. It’s easier to copyright or trademark something. That’s how the computer programmers deal with it nowadays.

        Chiropractors have a device which could lead to a good nut tool. It has a long throw with a soft spring. I’d thing that by increasing the spring strength and adding a functional working hook end you’d have something workable.



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