Introducing LittleHammer, the spring loaded impact nut tool

How to get a nut out when it has been weighted. This bounce test jammed the nut well. LittleHammer gets it out with one impact. The same trial with a passive nut tool took seven impacts.

LittleHammer, spring loaded impact nut tool — making life easier for climbers.

LittleHammer delivers a crisp impact to dislodge stuck nuts, RPs, and hexes. It can be loaded one handed and makes it easy to us get nuts out with either hand.

Laser cut in stainless steel, LittleHammer retains the general form of the passive nut tool so it can be used for levering, hooking cam triggers — all the usual tasks.

Once nuts have been well-seated, fallen on, or used in aid climbing, they are jammed tight, which is what nuts are designed to do. They need an impact to dislodge them, and stabbing away with your nut tool has been the traditional method. When you manage to land a few good blows in the right place the nut comes out.

The shock of this stabbing on your palm is addressed in some nut tool design by handle covers or flattened handle surfaces. Your hand is an incredible structure; articulate, strong, and complex, so whacking your palm like this is not good.

It’s the bite of the alloy or bronze wedge of a nut in a crevice that makes a good placement, but this is difficult to reverse as all climbers know. The spring-loaded weight in LittleHammer gives a crisp force accurately on the underside of the nut. You can take your time to position the tool as you are not wildly swinging trying to land enough impact force. The punch LittleHammer delivers dislodges the nut from its crevice. Accuracy is the key here — the right force at the right angle on the right spot is what LittleHammer delivers.

Calmly placing the end of LittleHammer against the stuck nut and firing one shot to release it is much easier than hacking away: sometimes blind, often in confined spaces, in an awkward stance, or with your non-dominant hand.

LittleHammer was designed to be operated one handed.  To load, hook the end on something (harness, rock, pro) and pull back on the impact weight till it catches in the loaded position; the brass weight has a machined grip surface especially for this. Hold the end firmly against the underside of the nut and press up on the back of the weight with a finger or thumb to fire.

Using LittleHammer means less skin off your knuckles, (hitting the rock), no bruising to your palm (impact of the back of the handle), and less damage to the rock if you miss. LittleHammer also means you get all your gear back and can clean a pitch quickly.

Aid climbing In aid climbing all nut placements are jammed so you need a friend to help you get them out. LittleHammer will improve your efficient upwards movement when cleaning a pitch, especially dealing with RP’s and other micro nuts that are hard to dislodge — being too small to strike accurately.

For hammerless aid climbing LittleHammer can be used to firm-up beak placements: tomahawks, peckers and the like. The hook on the handle end of LittleHammer is for reverse impacts to get this gear out.

LittleHammer is the most accurate, and sharpest force of any nut tool. This means less: frustration, epics, bloody knuckles, swearing, damaged rock, and abandoned gear (booty to the LittleHammer owner!).

LittleHammer will be launched on Kickstarter before the end of the year. If you want to be notified when LittleHammer goes live on Kickstarter, subscribe to our email list.

6 thoughts on “Introducing LittleHammer, the spring loaded impact nut tool

    1. Thanks Lemme. Sadly the one-off cost of the prototype is about ten times that of one made in a batch production. So I’ve only got the one and I’m using that in my climbing, to show people, and to film for publicity.
      I’m getting the Kickstarter campaign set up now and hope to launch mid August. If LittleHammer gets funded I should begin delivering in October.
      If you sign on to the email list you’ll get first notification of the campaign going live. Subscribe button over on the left. Cheers. Tim.


      1. Argh Lemme that is bad news: transport and climbing taken out in one go!
        After we’ve delivered the Kickstarter batch we will begin regular production and sales from this website. Hoping to be at that point by mid december.


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