The end of screwgate carabiners?

Edelrid slider range, very neat auto-locking carabiners, a great design leap. See the range over at Weigh My Rack and their video (I love the rep in this clip, best sales pitch I’ve ever seen).

An Edelrid Pure Slider, offset D carabiner I’ve been using and comparing in similar applications with my favourite small screwgate.

How many times have you found your locker unscrewed? Yet auto-lockers have been bulky and awkward up till now.

An auto-locker you can clip with one hand; fast and light; can’t rattle loose or rub-unscrew; the most unobtrusive auto-loching mechanism: great design Edelrid changes the locking carabiner paradigm.

2 thoughts on “The end of screwgate carabiners?

  1. The “rep” in the video is actually one of the lead designers at Edelrid! I agree that he gives the best “sale pitches” ever but it’s because he’s totally in the game. He knows everything about the product and has put his heart and soul into it. (And you know how that goes, Tim!!).


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