Bosuns chair belay seat

Climb Designs first product launch, have a look at our product page or jump  to the online store (hosted by usethings).

Bosuns chair / belay seat to ease long belays in aid climbing / big wall climbing. Supper light plywood with PET felt top for comfort. Slimline: easy to pack and haul.

Made from plantation hoop pine plywood (exterior grade) and recycled PET felt. Plywood is stronger than steel by weight; this seat will flex a little but the curve is comfortable and shock absorbing. Our super light and slim design makes it easy to bring along on any climb. Seat only: 310 grams (11oz). Pre-rigged with 5mm cord 450g (16oz)

Based on the traditional bosuns chair from sailing-ship days, the cord arrangement was originally designed to cross under the board in-case it broke. Another advantage of the crossing method of rigging it is that the seat can be tilted front-to-back and side-to-side so you can adjust it and shift on it for perfect comfort.

From our research on sitting the narrow board is designed to contact primarily with the sit-bones taking the load directly from the skeleton, not via compressed flesh as happens with wider and upholstered seats. The narrowness also helps make it very light and unobtrusive to pack and haul up a route.

The pre-rigged version has an alpine butterfly loop under seat to clip gear or packs out of the way.

Available as seat only: rig it yourself with 5 to 8mm cord, or fully rigged with 5mm cord ready tied. Cord colour and PET felt colour may vary from images here.

This seat is for comfort only, you must remain harnessed and tied in to the anchor at all times.

2 thoughts on “Bosuns chair belay seat

    1. Hi James
      It’s made from 6mm ply and recycled PET fibre board. Seat only AU$50 + postage if your interested. Can also rig it with 6mm cord for another AU$12 if you like, the main thing is the way its threaded with cord crossing under the seat that gives it the good movement. I’ve started rigging it with left and right carabiner loops now so you can get onto it easier.


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