Chest harness — Parisienne Baudrier video

I’ll be covering some obscure but handy things that I haven’t found good online resources for.

The Paresienne Baudrier is an improvised chest harness. It requires a 120cm or longer sling, 25mm tube is nice and soft. I’ve seen this tied with the doubled section of sling passing through the bight from over the shoulder then around — this is incorrect. The doubled section should go over the bight, wrap around, then pass through it. This forms the bowline-like structure that is bomber. Good to connect it to your sit harness in some way to reduce the danger of it riding up. You can use the Parisienne Baudrier to:

  • protect against inversion if carrying a heavy pack, particularly alpine climbing
  • aid climbing when carrying a lot of stuff on slings on the shoulder — top heavy
  • make a full-body harness for children with a sit harness
  • connect to a bosuns chair for comfort on a long aid belay
  • use it to help manage an injured person — assisted evacuation or lowering
  • might be useful in some self-belay setups

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