Open loop sling tie-in

Proposed method for attaching a sling to a harness for a rappel set-up. This tie-in creates an open loop so the leg and belt loop of your harness aren’t collapsed together as happens with a girth hitch. It’s a bowline in a bight but ties in a sheet-bend kind of way. Not sure how it compares strength-wise to the girth hitch method, I asked Richard over at RopeLab, he didn’t run any tests but thought that this knot would be OK. I’ve used it and had no problems untying it after loading: as in the bowline structure you just fold the loop around the load strand back. It could also be used for attaching daisy chains to give a bit of space on the harness. This method I got from the tying the Parisienne Baudrier, an improvised chest harness.

The Dyneema sling in this video is a poor choice for a personal anchor or cows tail, I found out by watching this great video from DMM.

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