Crack climbing gloves

Crack climbing gloves made from cheap and reusable gardening gloves. These are flexible enough to wear the protective palm on the back of your hand. Much better than taping-up and less wasteful.

hack of gardening glove to protect hands crack climbing
Gardening glove, fingers cut off, grip palm worn on the back of the hand.

This means you can slip on gloves just for one climb, which is great when you first start crack climbing. It seems impossible and painful to weight a jam at first but these gloves make it comfortable to give it a go. The glove protects the back of your hand in hand jams, the side of your fist in fist jams and your knuckles in finger jams. Once you get used to the techniques the occasional jam without a glove becomes a possibility. The weave of the gloves doesn’t fray when you cut the fingers off, is very flexible and even breathes a little (though I might try to punch a few holes in the palm to improve ventilation. The weave is not slippery on holds so doesn’t inhibit face climbing.

This is a sensitive, close fitting, and flexible glove. Also the elastomer coating is grippy and tough enough to protect your hands — even from granite! This is the Ansell Hyflex, you’ll find it at the supermarket. If not contact us as we’ll be stocking these soon.

Check out the Wide Boyz Crack School videos from Wild Country for an excellent schooling on crack climbing techniques, then get out there and Jam!

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